Frozen Assets

Released on April 27, 2016

Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning is the latest installment of the Agatha- and Anthony-award-winning Chesapeake Crimes series. This volume features tales by:

Donna Andrews

Timothy Bentler-Jungr

Shaun Taylor Bevins

Carla Coupe

Maddi Davidson

Linda Ensign

Barb Goffman

Kim Kash

Adam Meyer

Alan Orloff

KM Rockwood

Lauren R. Silberman

Marianne Wilski Strong

Art Taylor

Robin Templeton

"The diabolical sisters of the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime have raised the stakes: not only asking their astute members to offer up a gem of a short story, but to add a degree of difficulty. It has to be about the weather…. Rain, snowstorms, hurricanes. The glare of the sun. The shrouding fog. Clouds, mist, hail, and icy roads. The Chessies have used their writerly talent to embrace the weather, to relish it, and to provide us with a raft of meteorological (and deadly) delights."
-- Hank Phillippi Ryan, bestselling author of the Jane Ryland series