Lure of the Owl

Released on October 2, 2014

Walk beside everyday people who take an unexpected look into the shadows in these four tales with a supernatural twist.

SWAMP MANSION When a man purchases a crumbling Louisiana mansion, he plans to renovate it, flip it, and make some quick cash... until he hears unnerving noises in the walls over the nighttime sounds in the bayou.

LURE OF THE OWL A frail old woman, bedbound and suffering from a fevered imagination, hears an owl with a mysterious message at the window.

OLD MAN SHOTGUN A classic coming of age tale. Four kids sneak out of their houses and ride off on their bikes to a decrepit farm where Old Man Shotgun lived until he was taken to the insane asylum... or was he?

THE HAUNTED CARPET A quarreling couple on the verge of divorce inherits a Georgetown townhouse full of antiques and other treasures, including a magnificent carpet with more to it than meets the eye.