Released on November 22, 2014

Everybody loves a mystery! Our fourth Shaker of Margaritas anthology, That Mysterious Woman, includes twenty-seven mysteries.

The authors in this Shaker edition used their imaginations to produce stories of a mysterious woman involved in a wide array of circumstances. Stories cover murder, retribution, paranormal activity, thievery, strange disappearances, deception, and other surprising situations.

An anthology includes authors with different writing styles, which makes watching the story unfold more unpredictable. Isn't that one of the reasons we read mysteries?

Mystery writers contributing to That Mysterious Woman: David K. Aycock, Paula Gail Benson, Steven Clark, Lisa Ricard Claro, Karen Mocker Dabson, E. B. Davis, Caroline Dohack, Eileen Dunbaugh, Linda Fisher, J. D. Frost, Jodie Jackson Jr., Mitch Hale, Cathy C. Hall, Sharon Woods Hopkins, Jennifer Jank, Suzanne Lilly, Mary Ellen Martin, Edith Maxwell, Carolyn Mulford, KM Rockwood, Martha Rosenthal, Georgia Ruth, Harriette Sackler, Rosemary Shomaker, Susan E. Thomas, Donna Volkenannt, Kari Wainwright, and Frank Watson.

For an enjoyable evening, prop up your feet, relax with an icy margarita, and enjoy the mysteries within these pages featuring That Mysterious Woman.