Tarnished Hope

Released on April 25, 2016

The Malice Domestic cozy anthology series returns with a new take on cozy mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition. Here are 22 original stories (and one modern classic reprint) set at conventions, conferences, and gatherings of all kinds! Included are:

Conventional Wisdom, by Marcia Talley

Djinn And Tonic, by Neil Plakcy

The Vanishing Wife, by Victoria Thompson

The Right to Bare Arms, by John Gregory Betancourt

Message in a Bottle, by Su Kopil

Anonymous, by Kate Flora

What Goes Around, by B.K. Stevens

The Hair of the Dog, by Charles Todd

The Best-Laid Plans, by Barb Goffman

A Dark and Stormy Light, by Gigi Pandian

The Clue in the Blue Booth, by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wicked Writers, by Frances McNamara

Coverture, by KB Inglee

Dark Secrets, by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Tarnished Hope, by KM Rockwood

Not Forgotten, by L.C. Tyler

Boston Bouillabaisse, by Nancy Brewka-Clark

Killing Kippers, by Eleanor Cawood Jones

Elemental Chaos, by M Evonne Dobsonv

Outside the Box, by Ruth Moose

The Perfect Pitch, by Marie Hannan-Mandel

Two Birds with One Stone, by Rhys Bowen

A Gathering of Great Detectives, by Shawn Reilly Simmon